7 Day Blog Challenge: Make Up Brushes.

Day 4 of the 7 Day Blog Challenge. Not bad. Still surviving. Today's going to be a little more about Make Up Brushes. Do you use Make Up brushes when you apply make up? And also how I clean my make up brushes. Yes, you have to clean your brushes after use.

So what kind of make up brushes do you have? Just the foundation brush? Just the blusher brush? I swear I never knew much at all about brushes. I had no idea what this brush was for and what that brush was for. Experience and Google were guiding me in every step I took when it came to make up. And my collection slowly started growing.

Currently, I have all these brushes. Please don't ask me to name them, because I swear I have no idea what you call them. I find it cleaner and easier when I apply my make up using my brushes instead of my finger. For a more hygienic purpose actually.

I make it a habit to clean my brush every time I finish using them. I don't like the fact knowing that there are still bits of my make up powder or liquid on them.

Here's the 'tools' I use to clean my brushes. Barbara Hofmann Beauty Cleaner and normal Antiseptic wet wipes.

So here is a brush I use all time. My gel eye liner brush. As you can see, it's so dirty now after using it just once! Can you see the bits and pieces on the brush??!! -.-''

Spray the Barbara Hofmann Beauty Cleaner on the brush. Just once. you don't need that much amount of the cleaner on the brush. Just one small squirt is fine.

Now, slowly stroke it onto the wet wipes as if you are painting on the wet wipe. You want to make sure you do gentle strokes if not you end up ruining your brush.

Keep cleaning until your strokes get lighter and you notice that there is no longer and 'color'.

And once you are done cleaning it. Just look how clean your brush will look!!

Just like a brand new brush all over again! I really wonder if girls actually bother purchasing make up brushes? And if you do use make up brushes.. How do you use them and clean them? Do tell me about it!! Till tomorrow! xx