7 Day Blog Challenge: Nail Products & Nail Tutorial!!

This would be my most favourite, 'stress-less' blog of all for the 7 day blog challenge. Knowing this would be my forte, I added a special something. 

So today we are going to blog about Nail Products!! How many of you girls out there often get your nails done? Do you do your own nails? In case ya'll didn't know by now. I LOVE DOING MY OWN NAILS! Continue reading because there is a very special surprise at the end!! 

So these are all the stuff that I use. I actually have way more polishes but I don't have the darnest time to capture every single one of the polish colours.

These are the nail tools I use. I honestly hardly cut my nails. I file them more to be honest. And that Hello Kitty Nail File was a gift, I am not much of a pink kinda girl.

Every nail art needs some bling. I love my blings. I just love bling!! These are some of my smaller blings, I have more that I recently purchased. But due to the busy schedule, I decided to not snap of photo of it all. (I was just lazy.)

Now, nail care products. I have the Sally Hansen Vitamin E for my cuticles and nails. Giving my nail some extra attention. And my favourite Top and Base Coat from OPI.

I have over 100 over bottles of nail polishes, but here are just some of the brands that I use to give you a rough idea.
So I use Elianto Nail Polish, now the polish are very thick and they take the longest time to dry but I am insanely in love with their colors.

The Face Shops polish is a little bit tacky, this was one of the bottles I have had for the longest time. I hardly use this brand to be honest.

And my favourite nail polish brand OPI. You can never go wrong with OPI. The colours are amazing, the polish is smooth and the colours last for a very very long time.

Revlon polish is my fast nail polish. They dry very fast and they are smooth. But the colour does not seem to dry fast.

Then there is my new found love Butter. I love the colours. I love the texture. Just everything about this is perfect. I have started my new collection now too!! =)

Nail Polish remover to clean away your last weeks nail art.. I use Sally Hansen's Extra Strength Polish Remover. No certain favourite one. But this is not so bad.

Once a month I pamper my hands and feet. I give them a nice good scrub. I got this from a nail shop in KL. I can't even remember the name of it, but it is pretty good. I love it when my feet are nicely scrubbed.

OK SO NOW... For the best part!!!!! A Nail Tutorial!! Many of you dearies know that every week I post a blog on a nail tutorial. This week I wouldn't want to miss out on that opportunity too!! So here's this week's nail tutorial.

1. Base Coat
-  Very Important!

2. French Nails
- You want to start by painting on your french tip nails.

3. Pastel Spots
- Choosing any pastel coloured nail polish dot on some spots at the side. This does not need to be neat at all.

4. Black Outline
- Using a toothpick or a needle you want to outline all the spots you created making it look like cheetah spots.

5. Top Coat
- And your done!!

Pastel Cheetah Spots on  your nails! Just perfect for me this week, because I absolutely love colours!! Anyways, I am planning of doing a give away on some nail products. How many of you are interested? Let me know! And let's see what I have for you!!