August Mivva Box

The month of August, my most favourite month of all!! And lookie what came in the package yesterday!! My Mivva Box for the month of August!! 

This month, they had a very interesting theme.. Flower Power. This month, even my house is filled with flowers.

Look at all the goodies!!!!

There is the Di Palomo Orange Blossom With Wild Honey & Olive Hand & Body Lotion. Let me just tell you the scent was soooooooo amazing. I loved it. It is a nice moisturiser with natural extracts of orange blossom and honey and olive oil.

Now, this was one heck of an interesting beauty product. The F Cup Cookie. So it seems.. These cookies can help with the breast enhancement. I really don't know how this works. It seems, all you have to do is eat it for about a week and you will get very firmed breasts.. 0.0 I really don't know how that works... But nope.. Sorry to say, but this is one product I am not willing to try.

Then there is the Dermedex Refining Cream 2 Challenge Pack. You can achieve clear and beautiful skin in just 3 days!! Now, this I am willing to try.

Of course, there is also the Tsubaki hair shampoo and Conditioner. Let me just say, the scent is just amazing... So this shampoo repairs badly damaged hair, making it look extra natural and shiny.

Now, for all you people out there who loves to wear contact lenses. The I- Gel Aire Refreshing Drops is the best soothing drops ever. It is good to carry this in your bag, so your eyes would not be dried up. Giving extra moisture.

Then there is the Shills Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care Set. This small travel friendly set is good for your skin. There is the Toner and the Moisturiser. The scent is just sooooooo floral scented. For all you flower lovers out there.. This is one heck of a gift for you.

This time, when I opened the box there was this beautiful scent coming out from the box. And I realised, it was coming from this beautifully scented packet of Lavender. Hang this in your cupboard or closet leaving your wardrobe and clothes inside filled with beautiful flower scent.

What a flowerful month.... Can't wait for the next month now. :)