Nail Tutorial: Stripped Nails.

Once again, it's time for this week's Nail Tutorial! I saw this nail tutorial on Pinterest. I wanted to try something simple and easy to do this time. So I decided to try this out. Pretty simple! 

1. Here are the tools needed. 
- Base Coat
- Base Color
- Stripping Tape
- Scissors
- Acetone
-Top Coat

Yeah I know, I didn't take the whole tools..

2. Strip It
- After applying the base coat and waiting for about 10 minutes for the base coat to dry. You want to apply the strips on your nails. Be creative. You can get the stripping tape from any nail shop. I got mine from Sunway Pyramid for RM3.90!

3. Base Color
- Apply a base colour of your choice.

4. Peel & Top Coat
- Once the base colour is dry, you want to peel off the stripping tape. And later on apply the top coat. Simple as that!

Such an easy nail art don't you think? Giving your nail extra attention. I kinda like it. Do you? Yeah... Share your thoughts.