Night Beauty Routines.

Lately, I have a lot of night 'me' time to focus on my facials. Every birthday, I feel another wrinkle coming along some how, so better start on my facials to lessen the wrinkles. 

I use quite a lot of stuff honestly, these are just some stuff I use for my face and body. I do this every night ok, yes... I am that self conscious with my own self even after marriage. I need to look good even after being married la.. Give me a break. 

Le Hulk Hubster enjoys using the air conditioning every night. Air conditioning tends to dry up your skin. So what I like to do every night is to apply nice soothing moisturiser on my legs, neck and arms. I am sooooo in love with St. Ives moisturisers.. They tend to leave your skin feeling moisture till the next morning.

For my face, I begin with Nu Skin's AgeLoc Transforming Night cream. This is some awesome magic lotion I tell you! Using this every night my skin somehow feels extra youthful and cleaner in the morning.

I have really bad eye bags. Well dark circles to be exact. I use Unico's Eye Lip Enrichment Cream. I love this product. You can even use this for your lips! And my lips are looking waaaayyy better than before.

I tone my face twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner helps to keep my skin feeling extra moist all through the night.

Now, I am not sure if you guys saw the Pin on Pinterest 50 uses for Vaseline. One of the uses was to get your eyelashes looking extra long and volumed. I apply this on my eye lashes every night and also my lips. Making sure I get extra moist on the lip area.

To get rid of redness on your face, try using Organic Aid's Vitamin Oil. Whenever I have a pimple, I apply this around my pimple and it disappears the next morning.

There you have it ladies, that is my night routine. What's yours?