When I Started Make Up...

Hello beauties, it's been a while I have not blogged. Forgive me, I have been busy with some traveling and family matters. Finally, I am able to sit down and update the blog. 

I grew up an entertainer, make up was one of the most important things to have on when performing on stage. It was something that made me feel beautiful. My make up artist then was always making sure I looked my best on stage. It was as if I had an alter ego on stage. I was like a proud like a peacock on stage because I felt beautiful. My make up artist made me beautiful. Make Up just added more beauty to me and it felt amazing!

Yes, I know you guys are going to tell me make up is not all that. But let me continue on. 

I was only allowed to use my make up artist for performing purposes only. Even if I was invited for a party or an outing I had to apply my own make up. You'd think that you will learn a thing or two from your make up artist.. Boy are you wrong about it!! I knew nothing about make up. All I knew was colors to paint my face. And I'd ended up looking like a rainbow gone wrong. 

Readers be warned: Loads of ugly make up pics of me. Leave while you can.

I always noticed my make up artist using a lot of white and sparkle on me. And believe me, IT WAS WRONG! It was as if I puked sparkle on my eye all the time!! And seriously, sparkles you need to use it the right way. 

Never over apply the white around your brows. You would really add on too much attention on your eyes. You really wouldn't want that would you?

I never knew anything about foundation or concealer. I only knew you were supposed to apply something as a base first. I never knew how to find the right shade of foundation. Every time I applied foundation I'd end up looking like I had Michael Jackson surgery. Black turning white. And of course, I would forget about applying foundation at the neck area, so whenever I took photos.. I looked only white on the face. Somehow, I'd end up looking toooooo pale. What was I thinking?! 

Eye shadow and blushers were never my forte. I would really go real wrong with the choices. I would choose colors that matched my outfit, my blusher was too dark or too pink. Like the above picture. I had funky eye colors and dark blushers on. *sigh* 

There will come a day when you continue making mistakes when it comes to make up. Unless you are a make up artist. Then, you are lucky. 

Only recently I started to know more about make up and how to apply then the right way. I think in a women's life there will come those times when you learn about make up. You learn from your mistakes right?? 

And if I may, I believe my make up is getting waaaaaayyyy better now. 

But..... ladies, sometimes it is not about the make up. Make up does not make you who you are. Make up is there to only to define the beauty that you already have. 

Try going out without make up once a while. Give your face a break. 

And enjoy the beauty in you. 

TIll the next blog!! xoxo.