Of All The Bags....

My biggest weakness.. Bags. I can never get enough of handbags.. Le Hulk Hubster would not be pleased to hear this. *Hehehehehe* What better way to blog about all the bags I have!! *teehee* 

There are sooooo many different kind of bags out there, clutch, sling bag, tote bags and god knows what more.. I don't know all the names. Here are the bags that I use.

1. Union Jack Box Bag
- I got this bag at a flea market in Singapore for only $20!! It's so cute and small, easy to carry too! I use this during girls night or nights where I don't need to bring all my stuff in the bag.

2. MNG Tote Bag
- Christmas Sale was going on and I was looking for a new bag that was easy to match with my daily wear something simple and easy to carry. This bag, caught my eye.

- Everybody who knows me well enough know that I love bling and things that sparkle. So it came to no surprise when I got myself this sparkly Furla bag. Sparkly!!

4. Jim Thompson Beach Bag
- My favourite holiday destination is always a location at the beach. When Le Hulk Hubster and I went to Pangkor Laut few years back, I got myself a nice big beach bag where I can put all my stuff inside. My books, my mp3, my sun screen, my shades, towel and loads more stuff.

5. Paul Smith Sling Bag
- Le Hulk Hubster often surprises me with very interesting gifts. He got this when he went on a Europe Business trip. I use this bag for my laptop. I love the little stamps all over the bag. Makes it look extra interesting.

6. Green Bag
- Obviously not all my bags are branded. So please! I got this from a local flea market many years back and this is one of my favourite, never gonna get rid of bag. Small, easy to carry.

7. Chanel
- This is my most 'favourite' bag of all!! I love love love this bag soooooo much! This bag was a gift from my 'whites' close friends of mine. It was my first ever Chanel. I remember when I got this package, I had no idea what was inside the box, and when I opened it and saw the Chanel logo I was jumping up and down like a maniac. In office! Never in my life have I ever received a package like this!! I was truly thankful and blessed to have amazing friends.

8. Michael Kors Travel Bag
- This is my new collection. Le Hulk Hubster got me this bag for my birthday last month. I have been secretly insanely in love with Michael Kors and was really surprised that Le Hulk Hubster got me this beautiful bag. In my favourite colour! He knows how to spoil me. *blessed*

9. Coach Bag
- This gift is soooo precious to me. Le Hulk Hubster got me this bag on December. Our 1st month as Mr & Mrs and our 1st Christmas together as husband and wife.

10. Back Pack
- I think every girl should have a bag pack. When I go for trips or rides. I prefer to carry a bag pack. Sling it on your back and walk around with it, makes life extra easy.

11. Unipel Clutch
- I got this at a Singapore Sale 4 years back. Still in love with this clutch. When I'm out and about for a fancy dinner and needed to dress up, this would be the clutch I would be holding on to. Just my phone, important cards and make up. DONE!

12. Black Studded H&M Bag
- I got this last year at a H&M sale in Singapore. :) Once in a while when I dress like a rocker.. This would be the ultimate tote bag to take.

So there you go, all the bags that I own. Well there are actually more. But these are a few of my favourite bags.. What's yours? If you blog about it share your link with me. I wanna see what bags you have too!!