As usual, one of my really late post.. *sigh* A month old. Call me outdated, but I recently found out about this really amazing app called Casetagram. 

Casetagram is an app that allows you to design your very own phone casing. Using pictures from your Instagram account or picture that you like. I was soooooo excited, because for once I knew I would have the one of a kind phone case that i always wanted!! 

So I started to design my phone case and this was what I came up with. 

I quickly placed in my order, one for Le Hulk Hubster and one for me. :) 

Once you have placed your order they will ask for your shipping details and bank details. Once you are done they will send you a Thank You email.

So, I noticed I ordered the wrong casing and the wrong pictures. The next day when I noticed I placed the wrong order, I immediately emailed them to inform them that I ordered the wrong case. Within minutes I got a reply and they said that they would cancel my order and refund the cash to me and allow me to re design a brand new case again!! 


And within 12 days my phone case came. 

This was actually a birthday gift to myself. :)

I was insanely pleased with the case!! And sooooo delighted because for once my phone case was filled with people I love. And pets too! :)

So quickly, download Casetagram app now and order in your own customised phone case!!