Favorite Eyeliner

Hello once again!! Today I have been going insane trying to update a new look yet again for my blog. But due to my lack of knowledge with modern technology I failed yet again.. *le sigh* What the heck.. I need to hire an expert. Any recommendations?? Do drop me an email. 

Anyways, today I have decided to blog about.... 

Yup, that's right... Eyeliners. There are soooooo many different kind of eyeliners out there. Gel Liners, Liquid Liners, Khol Liners, Pencil Liners, Waterproof Liners, Coloured Liners... Goodness gracious me.. I don't even know how come I had that many lying in my make up bag! And to be honest with you I really don't have a certain favourite one. But here are some of the products that I use.

1. Bobbi Brown Gel Liners.
I use Expresso Ink and Black Ink. Expresso is a bit of a darker shade of brown. And Black Ink is the usual dark black eyeliner. The awesome thing about Gel Liners are that they can really last very long.. Up to about 12 hours or more! I recommend using Gel Liners if you need to stay beautiful for more than 12 hours.

2. Stage Kohl & Maybeline Eye Studio Pencil Liners.
I use my pencil liners when I want to create a smokey eye or shadowy effect. But, I really would not recommend using pencil liners for more than 12 hours.. UNLESS!! You have eye primer, than it may last. If not it smudges really badly.. And trust me, from my experience I ended looking like a panda bear by the time I got home due to the bad smudges.

See nobody taught me that pencil liners don't last that long. Later did I know.

I hardly use pencil liners, and the only reason why I have two is because one of it was used to draw on Le hulk Hubster's eye during his 'Sangeet'. My Rockstar Hubster. Hahahaha..

3. Kiss Me Waterproof Eyeliner.
This was a small little gift from Ms. Jynn Looi. She's a professional make up artist and she gave me this liquid liner. And let me just say, a girl can get the greatest gift no matter how big or small the package can be. And this was a gift that I was truly thankful for. When I needed to look awesome on the beach or by the pool this eyeliner is a life saver! And I swear, it's really waterproof! And when I'm working out a sweat, this is seriously a life saver!! Oh and to see Jynn's awesome make up.. *Clickety Here* 

4. Liquid Liners from K Pallete.
They call this the 1 day tattoo eye liner. The liner somehow makes it look as if it was meant to be there naturally or something. I love this product so much! If you see me in the club doing my thang with confidence is cause I got my liner on. Hahahah.. Kidding. (What a way to sell product kan?!)

5. CLIO Waterproof Gel Liner.
I hardly use coloured liners, only for garden parties or a normal girlie outing or when I feel like dressing up or going out on a girls night out. But let me just say, this is an awesome product. They have really interesting colours! And yeah, the colours do last long and they are waterproof. All the awesomes of all awesomes in one liner!

There, that's about all the liners that I have. Tell me, share with me what liners you use. Recommend something to me. What are your favourite eyeliners??