How To: Glitter-fy A Glass Cup!

Many of you know that I have bling and sparkle obsession. I am insanely obsessed with all things sparkle and all things blingy! So..... I have these coca - cola cups that Le Hulk Hubster collected (and ended up not using at all) and I ended up using them to store my make up stuff.

As you can see, the glass looks plain and really boring. And I was literally getting bored of the cup. Hah! I had to somehow bling it up. I went digging through my craft box and found half a bottle of my Mod Podge and decided to get crafty. 

Of course, I need to find all things sparkly too! And I found my Martha Stewart glitter powder! These collection is insanely amazing!! And I swear these are the 'bestest', most gorgeous, most sparkly glitter ever!! 

So now, let's get started.

1. Clean your cup.

2. Pour in a little bit of mod podge into your cup. Don't pour too much!

3. Pour in the glitter. Go overboard with the sparkle! You have every right to bling it up!! Just look at all the sparkles in the cup... *bling-a-fied*

4. Mix It up & Roll It Around. You want to make sure you mix it well, also you want to make sure when you roll your cup around you want to cover up all over your glass.

5. Once your done, flip it around making sure the mod podge and glitter is all over the cup. Once it's done, flip it around and allow it to dry.

And you are done!! Sooooo simple and easy!! And you have a very glittery glass!!

Ain't it gorgeous? Makes my glass look extra nice and special!!

You can do it too!! So try it out bling up anything that you want!!