Kimchi Jiggae!! *slurp*

And so September begins.. Sorry I've not blogged for a while. Pretty caught up with loads of things lately. Time passes by waaaaayyy toooo fast.

So lately, the weather has been very crappy and gloomy. It's always raining and it ruins my mood. But on the plus side, have not been sleeping with the air-condition on lately due to cold cold weathers.. So that's the plus point. 

With the cold weather, it's always nice to have something warm for dinner. What better dish than.. KIMCHI JIGGAE!! My favourite Korean meal!! *slurp* Ok, before I continue on.. Allow me to state, I am not an awesome chef, I don't know any recipes I just try in whatever ways to make a nice meal to feed my ever hungry tummy. So please, don't tease. 

1. I bought Korean Kimchi, you can get this at any supermarket. There are different kinds of Kimchi so make sure you know what kind you want. 

2. Korean Hot Sauce. Somehow, korean's like to have hot meals because it just warms up your body after eating it. 

3. Brown Sugar. Just for flavouring and in case I add in too much hot sauce.

4. I used Pork meat to mix with the Kimchi. You can choose what you want. Seafood or Beef or Chicken. It's all up to you!

5. My favourite Korean Rice Cakes. *slurp* I am sooooo in love with this! If you are adding this in, you don't even need to add noodles or rice! Well then again, depending on how hungry you are.

6. Toufu. I love Japanese Toufu.

7. Mushroom. Enokitake mushrooms to be exact.

8. Add in a little bit of water and let it all boil for about 15 - 30 minutes depending how big of a portion your cooking.

Once you are done. Serve it!! And enjoy the meal.

Easy as that. *slurp* Just made this for lunch.. So I'm going to enjoy my late lunch now.. Pretty awesome huh?