MTV World Stage 2013 #worldstagemy

At this age, I cannot believe I am still attending concerts and enjoying them! HAH! On Friday Night I got a text from Kim saying that she had free tickets to the MTV World Stage and she wanted to take me along. I was sooooooo excited and immediately said yes. 

Dear Readers, please be warned. This is gonna be half tutorial and a really long blog. 

It has been a long time I have not had this much amount of fun and adrenaline rush as the time started ticking pass. So Sunday morning, I began my preparation for the MTV World Stage. 

Of course, I had to prep my nails. Special, MTV World Stage nail art. 

1. Base Coat
- Always important.

2. Base Color
- I decided to choose something bright coloured just to add some attention to the nails. Here I am using OPI's Need Sunglasses? (What a name!)

3. Black Acrylic
- Using a Black Acrylic Paint, I paint on shades and a moustache on the thumb, and a really unprofessional looking black bikini. Sorry, I really suck at freehand sometimes.

4. White Highlights.
- Using a white acrylic paint, I painted on the belt and a small pearl on the bikini.

5. MTV Sign is a must!
- Sorry, I forgot to take photos of how I did this look. But trust me, all you need to do is to paint on letter M outline it with black acrylic paint and then write on the word TV after.

6. Red Paint
- I used red acrylic paint to paint on the shades.

7. Top Coat
- Apply a layer of top coat and your done! Simple as that!!

Going for concerts, I have to make sure I hang on to a small bag. DO NOT carry along big handbags. You still need to beware of your surroundings and making sure that your bag is easy to carry and allowing you to have much fun too! 

I decided to carry a small black clutch. And below you can see what I brought along. Here are THINGS TO BRING TO A CONCERT. (Female Version!) 

Make Up, I decided to keep my make up simple and all waterproof! So all I carried along was my blusher and powder. (Which I actually did not need it at the end of the day!) And a lip balm to make sure my lips were always moisturised.

Money. Now you don't wanna carry your whole big wallet with you. But you do want to make sure you bring along some money with you. And of course, your identification card. Clumsy me, I actually forgot to carry along my IC. I was freaking out the whole time, I thought they wouldn't let me in.. But I forgot I actually look old enough. *meh* Hahahahha.

Mints. Girls, bring along mints because when you see a cute guy you fancy trust me you really don't wanna say hi with bad breathe now would you? Hahahaha, well actually having these with me was a blessing in disguise. They helped to keep me hydrated and kept my hunger toned down.

Shades. Because it was an outdoor concert. You do want to protect your eyes and be able to enjoy the show!

Now a days, most of us use our smartphones to capture images and ongoings. And in concerts no other recording devices are allowed. And of course, now a days.. We need to carry our phones in case of emergency.

Sunscreen. Now, I hate getting a bad tan so just in case I brought this along. Which I didn't use it in the end. You can see why later on.

Tissue and Wet Wipes. Girls, for hygiene purpose you will know why I ask you to bring this. I don't even have to explain!

Rubber Band! Long haired girls, you definitely need this!

Portable Battery Charger. Because I use my phone a lot to capture images and make emergency calls and reports to Le Hulk Hubster.. It is important I carry this along.

What to Wear To a Outdoor Concert?

Knowing you will be under the sun or a rain you want to wear something comfortable and something easy to move around. I know most of us girls always want to look our best, but come on in a concert.. How good do you need to look??!! Hahahaha..

Well, this was what I wore anyways.

Top: Kitschen
Leggings: From Australia
Necklace: Diva.

"I still wanna look good at a concert!"

Most of us do. I know I do. But I made sure every single make up on my face was all waterproof. So that when I sweat or even under the rain, my make up will not be ruined.

Here are some of the tips.
- Prime your face with a face primer. (Very important!)
- Use liquid foundation.
- I used a waterproof eye liner.
- I also used waterproof mascara.

I swear even under the rain shower, my make up still looked the same.

Now, I'm ready for the concert!

In future when any of you want to attend a concert, make sure you are early. Me and Kim only started to join the line only at 4pm. And this was the loooooooonnnnggg line!!

We were caught in the rain. We said, even if we get wet who cares. We are already wet. We ended up buying a rain coat that costs RM10 each!! *grumblefumbleswumbles* (Stoooopid street sellers)

The rain stopped in the end, but we were still waiting in line to go in.. Here is Kim's tired face. Hahahahahahah. While we were about to go into the arena, there was this 2 ladies who came up to us and asked if they could cut in. I turned around and told them off saying, we felt it was unfair to others at the back and they should proceed to continue waiting in line like many of us. *pfft* How rude!!

By the time we got in it was about 7pm and we were excited!! The show was about to start Kimmie and I found a spot I quickly took a picture of Kim before we went closer to the stage. Oh and this is the infamous picture I took of Kim and posted it on Instagram. And it was up on the big screen 3 times!!! *wooohoooo* I made Kimmie Famous!! LOL.

Very much needed shot of our wrist bands. Hahahaha. And our wrist tattoos.

The concert started with our local superstar. Joe Flizzow. Dude hyped up the crowd well!! Even if I didn't know the songs, I was just enjoying myself!

Then Far East Movement. DAMN! Those boys are epic!! Me and Kimmie jumping up and down enjoying ourselves and dancing along to every single song!! We had sooooooo much fun!!

And of course, the whole reason why we were there in the first place. What rhymes with Hug Me? Mr Robin Thicke! Oh dear lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim and I eventually got exhausted and moved away from the crowd. Yes, as you can see age is catching up. 

We found this benches which was placed right in front of a huge fan and we plopped ourselves there. We still had our fun. We still got to see Robin Thicke. This was our view. 

And of course, the night ended with a big bang! Loved it!! I had soooooo much fun! I never imagined myself at this age and having soooooo much fun. 

I have to especially thank Kim for bringing me along on this journey. I had so much fun!! And for once, I felt I was still young at heart!! Hahaha!

 I never had this amount of fun in the longest time!! And honestly, when you have the right person to enjoy a concert that would be the best thing to bring along. Thank you kimmie! We shall do this again the next round!!