Nail Tutorial: Henna Inspired

Good morning loves! Up and at em. I did this nail art last night. Sorry I did not take a picture of how I did this look. BUT!! It was an inspiration from Robin Moses. Many of you nail art lovers will know who Robin Moses is, she is the most amazing nail artist ever!! I love how she makes it look sooooooo easy! 

I used Nude Base Color and used acrylic paint. I don't have nice paint brushes like Robin does, but I do have.. A toothpick! Yup, used a toothpick to do this nail art. What do you think? 

In the video Robin did mention saying that you can never go wrong with Henna designs. Which is soooooooo true. I really wanted to follow exactly what Robin did, but I couldn't so.. I ended up with this..

Here's a nail tutorial how Robin did it. I love the sophistication yet subtle nail art. What do you guys think?