Nail Tutorial: Rainbow Dots In A Row.

Self pampering day turned out great! I think every girl always needs a self pampered day. I didn't post any nail tutorial last week, so let's just count this as last weeks and this week I will post another nail tutorial. *fingers crossed* 

I was going on Pinterest looking for interesting nail art to remake. And I found this Rainbow Dots in A Row. I instantly fell in love with it and decided to get it done immediately. 

1. Base Coat
- I cannot stress the importance of using base coat. It protects your nails so make sure you use a good layer before you paint on the base colour!

2. White Base.
- The only reason why White is always the base colour when painting on something colourful is so that the colours can appear very intense later on.

3. Yellow Dot
- Using your doting tool, you want to dot on the yellow paint.

4. Red Dot
- And then the red dot.

5. Magenta Dot
- I don't even know if this is magenta, looks dark pinkish..

6. Violet Dot
- Well, then again I am not soooo sure of this color either.. LOL.

7. Blue Dot
- Definitely Blue Hah!

8. Green Dot
- And lastly the green dot.

 9. Top Coat.
- Apply a nice layer of top coat and your done!! So easy!!

I've always mentioned if you cannot find a dotting tool or if you don't own one. Use a toothpick or a hair pin. I used a hair pin in this nail tutorial.

HAVE FUN WITH THIS NAIL TUTORIAL! It's soooooo easy and simple to achieve this look!! 9 simple easy steps!!