Nail Tutorial: Matte vs Gloss.

After sooooooo long, I finally get to post my latest nail art. I've been so lazy with my nails lately. Getting less inspired somehow. *sigh* Anyways, for this week... I wanted to try something new which is Matte Nails! 

If you go on google, you will see sooooo many interesting matte nail art. I went and got myself a Matte Finish Top Coat from Butter Nails and I decided to try something interesting. 

1. Base Coat
- Always apply Base Coat, I cannot stress how important it is to apply base coat. Ladies, if you want to prevent your nails turning yellow. Use the top coat!! 

2. Base Colours. 
- I used Black, light blue and a sparkly one. Just because I love bling. ;) 

3. Gold Dust
- I decided that I wanted to keep my nails a little more bling and to only matte my 2 fingers. Just to make it more interesting. So I used my gold dust and spiced up my black base.

4. Top Coats & Matte Coats
- So as you can see on my ring finger and my pointer finger I applied the Matte Finish and the rest the top coat. How simple and fun! :)

Wonder if I could recreate anymore matte new looks. Stay tuned!!