October Mivva Box

Hello peeps, sorry I've been away. Due to some health reasons, I have decided to lay off social network for a while. But of course, I need to talk about October's Mivva Box!! 

So looky what came in the package yesterday!! 

This month, the theme is Snow White. A lot of Asian women are always making an extra effort to have white and really fair skin. So this month's box, are all about whitening your skin.

1. Secretleaf Argan Hydrating Cleanser
Very nice and smooth cleanser, leaving the skin extra moist and extra clean too! Now this facial cleanser does not have any artificial colorant. You can get this for RM21.90 for 95ml. 

2. ONL Oceaniq 3D Antiwrinkle Total Soluction CC
- This CC cream helps with your skin care, make up problems and it helps to brighten and clean and also purify your skin. This costs RM149.90 for 35ML.

3. ONL Ecopure White Balance Skin Toner & Emulsion
- This is a hydrating toner and emulsion. it helps to moisture your skin and also helps with brightening and whitening your skin. Both bottles costs RM89.90 for 120 ML.

4. Unico Pearl Scar Cream
- My favourite new product Unico. Here's another awesome and amazing cream. This formula helps to correct existing dark spots and prevents new ones from forming. Costs RM198.80 for 15g

5. Beautymate Bird Nests & Lilium Candidum Firming Rejuvenate Nano Mask
- There are Thai Bird's nest in this product that helps restore and nourish your skin. And suitable for all skin types. Costs RM49.90 for 7 pcs.

6. Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream
- And lastly, something for your feet. We all hate it when our feet are cracked and feeling soooooo dry, use this! It helps to hydrate your base of your feet healing all your cracked heels.

I honestly love opening Mivva Boxes every month. They never fail to impress me with all the beauty products in a box. Order your own box now!