1st Year Anniversary - Project I See.

*Weeeeeeeeeee* Le Hulk Hubster and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary today! No, we did not celebrate at all, instead we opted to do something fun and different. How many of you out there look forward to celebrating your anniversary and making it the best, special extravagant dinners, expensive presents for your loved ones and just spending a heck load of money on this special day. Well, we opted to celebrate it differently. 

When I was a kid, Ah Kong & Ah Ma (my grandparents) often took me to orphanages, orang asli settlements and welfare places. I was often forced to help the underprivileged by feeding them food. Ah Ma even made me save my allowance every year so that my allowance goes to a good cause. My grandparents have always made extra effort to teach me about being thankful for what I have, and to share what I have with others. To give to the poor, to love every human being as a normal person and not a stranger or an alien. So when this opportunity came for us to help.. Le Hulk Hubster and I jumped on the band wagon and agreed to it. (Even when it was on our Anniversary Date) 

Many of us take our daily lives for granted, we complain about the way we live. We always complain the way of living for us is not enough. In fact, it is never enough. So together with a team of friends, we went into the 'daily life of a hard labourer'. 

Yes, I know many of you would say we too are hard labourers, but what about being a foreign labourer? No work permit,  stranded in a country and missing home. How many of you are facing that situation? Today, I learnt.. To not take things for granted. To be grateful for all the things I have. 

We went prepared with 150 bags of goodies to give away. (Unfortunately, it was not enough to feed them all.) We even collected old clothes to give to them. 

Random shot. *sigh* Julian fills like the king of the world on the truck. And Le Hulk Hubster being a poser. 

So upon arrival, we had a lot of stares and worried faces. Imagine this.. if there were bus load and cars load full of people who came walking into your own houses.. Wouldn't you be afraid too? I might even dial 999 or something already!! image

This was our team getting briefed on camera angles and what to do. 

I felt uncomfortable at first. I mean which human being would want to walk in to all these kind of places to live in?! I felt disgusted. But in a way, it started to hit me.. This was all they could have. The houses were containers!! When I say containers I don't mean tupperware containers, but containers that export goods on ships or planes. They are really small!! And there was all of them living here, happy that they have a roof about their heads. Who am I to complain? Who am I to judge them this way? (I didn't really want to take pictures of their house. It was just too upsetting.) 

Here's just a picture to give you a rough idea of how they lived daily. 

I did not even dare to look for a toilet! But the way they lived their daily lives just blew me away. I was humbled by how they could live in this small places and call it home. Many of them invited us in, just to visit or to hear their stories. It was a little heartbreaking to hear them talk about home.

Imagine being away from your loved ones, your children. You can't do anything at all. You can't leave the country because you just could not make enough money to buy a plane ticket home. You are afraid to leave this country, because you have a child who is too young to understand the situation here. They just had to deal with it, continue on in life and pray for the best.

How many of you out there, when you see a foreign worker in town and you immediately insult them, think the worst out of them. Now, I want you to put yourself in their shoes.. Most of them came to this country to work and get more money to send it back to their families at home. For a better living. Some are stranded here unable to return. How would you feel if you went to a foreign country and this was how you were treated the way you treat these foreign workers? Before you judge someone, I think you should think about how you would go through the same situation.

While the rest of the team were out and about interviewing the foreigners. Me, Salina and Jesjin were busy setting up a 10 feet tall Christmas tree. Just to bring in a little Christmas cheer. Because there were little children all around and it was nice to see their faces all lit up with smiles after the tree was put up. We were suddenly surrounded with stares and eyes admiring the beautiful tree. 

Rain started pouring in at about 7pm ish. We had to stop whatever we were doing, and had to hide under the roofs of a small little hut. Even the roofs were leaking.  image

Before we headed home Le Hulk Hubster and Jay started to hand out free drinks.. Immediately, everyone started running up to the truck pulling, pushing, fighting just to get 1 free drink!! WOW!! It was insane! 

The whole purpose of this blog was not to brag about my 'extravagant' 1st anniversary celebration. Or to brag about what I did or trying to score a free pass into heaven.. But to tell you (yes, you reading this..) There are many underprivileged people out there. If you took some time to help them, to understand them.. You'd be surprise with what they might teach you in return.

Besides, us as Malaysians are known to be really friendly. Why don't we let the whole world know about it? Take a step today be nice and friendly to them, one small step you take goes a long way. image

Today, I am blessed to have what I have. And to celebrate our 1st anniversary by looking at the smiles all around us was the best anniversary celebration ever!! image