A Place Called Home.

This has been one of the blog I have been looking forward to blog about for a very very long time. As many of you know, Le Hulk Hubster and I recently purchased our own very own place! And we could not have been more excited and happy about it. image

Took us 1 year to get this place!! A lot of work with the bank and the lawyers, but finally when we got the keys we immediately started moving in. The place still needs some work, which we will slowly get that sorted later on. 

So allow me to take you on a tour.. In OUR new home. 

1. Master Bedroom & Wardrobe (2nd Floor) 

- Here's our humble lil room, where the magic happens. Hahahahahha. Le hulk hubster has the TV all set up at the corner. Once in a while, we get to watch movies and play games. 

- The other corner, we have the office table and my make up area.

- Love the way I DIY my accessories display? Oh and of course, I changed my make up storage. *clickety here* to see the latest and what I did.

- And then there is a long walk way that leads to..... the most amazing...

- Walk in closet!!!! *woohoo* Well not much of a walk in closet yet, but we will later on use a curtain to cover up that area.

- That's where I get my facials and hair done. Where I brush my teeth in the morning and night.

2. Toilets (2nd Floor) 

- The shower is HUGE! And I love it, just that I need to change the shower to a rain shower. On the other door, it's the toilet. No way would I take a picture of the toilet.

3. Hall & Dining. 

- Our hall and dining area is soooo cosy. This is the view from upstairs. The small little table you see on the left side is our little dining table, I know it's filled with all Le hulk hubster's bottles now. But we are building a small little shelf area to put it on display.

- And this is the hidden corner from upstairs, the kitchen area and my books. (I had to give away all my archie comic books.... :( was soooo upset about it.)

- Here's our little theatre. We're supposed to hang the tv on the wall and add on some photos, but we have not gotten that done yet.. So. Yeah again, takes time. For now this works.

4. Dining Area

- Yup, that's our little dining area. Again, Le Hulk Hubster's bottles are going on display when the shelves are done. And our thumbprint tree is going up above our bed once we framed it up.

 5. Kitchen

- And this is my little kitchen. My small little cooking area.

- Looks like I have to start learning how to cook.

6. Extra Room 

- We finally get an extra room!! Woohoo!! And a queen sized bed fits perfectly fine inside!! Now we can have guests stay over.

7. Office / Craft Room

- So this is my little office / craft area. As you can see, nothing has been done just yet. I'm still waiting to get the right furnitures and shelves to fit in this room... I have no idea what I am going to do just yet.

8. Toilet (Downstairs) 

- This is the downstairs toilet, and I envy whoever gets to shower here.. It has a rain shower. image Maybe I should shower downstairs instead.

9. Shoe Corner

- This is OUR shoe corner. As you can see, I am a shoe freak.

10. Iggy's Corner

- And last but not least, this is Iggy's little corner.

11. The View.

- We have the most amazing view up here!! I can't wait for New Years to see all the fireworks everywhere.

And there, that's about all the pictures I have. I can't wait to slowly sort things out and settle things down perfectly.. So tell me what do you guys think about our new home?? WE LOVE IT!! Do you?? image