DIY - Color Keys

Moving in to the new house, I had a bunch load of keys that I still need to get used to. I often get confused with the keys because they look the same. So I actually sticked some sticker on it so that I could tell which key was which. Of course, eventually the sticker came off. So I put on sticky notes on it. Which I know is dangerous, because if someone were to pick up my keys they would know which key is for which door.. So I went online to see if there were any other ideas.. And found this.. image

And it is soooooooooooo easy to do!! Here's a step to step tutorial. 

1. The confusing keys.
- As you can see, I still could not tell which key is which.

2. Nail Polish
- Choose colours that stand out. I actually wanted something blingy, but then I realised, the gold just didn't stand out that much.

3. Paint 2 Coats
- You want to paint 2 coats of nail polish, because one is just not enough. It is never enough.

4. Dry
- The drying process takes very long. So I did one side first.

In the end I grew impatient and wanted to finish it as fast as I could. So I dried them this way.

 5. DONE!
- Tadddaaaa!!!

And there you have it!! So easy right?? I realised I still could not different shade my 2 orange keys, so I changed the colour to purple instead. And now I have a whole bunch of colourful keys! Which I love!! And now, I can tell which key I can use to open which door! And you can't! image