DIY - Make Up Organizer

When it comes to make up, I need to see what I have. BUT!! I hate having a messy vanity table. So, ever since we moved to the new house, I refuse to have a vanity table. Instead I opted for a long mirror and a side drawer for Le Hulk Hubster. Easier to get ready. So of course, I didn't want my table looking messy. I wanted things to be neat and organised. The thing about having your own place, you tend to be neater. 

So, when Le Hulk Hubster and I went shopping at ikea.. we came across this drawer organiser which most people would purchase this for the kitchen drawers. 

So this was what I did, different sections for different things. I have my brushes in my glitter cups. (*clickety here* to DIY your glitter cups) I have my powders and eye shadows in one section, my lipsticks in the other, my foundations and concealers in the other and the eyeliners and all. And my make up removers and all in the other. 

And once I'm happy with how I organised my stuff.. All I had to do was put it on top of the drawer and Done!

The easiest way to organise your make up kit.

Tell me what you guys think of this? Let me know.. If you have other choices do let me know.. So that I can add on more ideas.