Happy Kitchen

Finally, I got my hands on this cute lil toy / food / DIY. ( I have no idea what you call this.) Honestly, it's a snack. But you got to do it yourself and it's also kinda like a play time for adults. Call me a kid or whatever, I'm forever young at heart. image  And I had fun making this.. 

There are many different kind of miniature food out there and sold online. But I could only find this. The only box left. image Oh well, better than nothing right? So this was the box that I got. A miniature cake / birthday cake?? Cake la..

The packaging itself was very eye catching. Interesting. Everything was pink tho. Again, not my favourite colour. But I can bet many of you out there are interested.

This was all the content inside the pink package. 

The crappy part of this was that, everything was in Japanese. I did not know what was what! What packaging goes first, what is inside the contents and all. 

Thank goodness they had picture instructions! image I mean, they could actually type it in English or something too right? 

Ok, so first things first. You need to cut out and separate these small little compartments. Use a scissors and cut it la of course. 

The first bag was this mustard looking package. Pour it into the bigger compartment, add 2 cups of water (make sure it is filtered or boiled water) and then mix it all up. And when I say cups, it is the cups that they provide not our normal cups!!!!!! 

Then in the smaller compartment, add this orange mixture together with 1 cup of water. Stir it all up, make sure you stir it well.

Then, put it in the microwave for only 1 minute. Because if you go more than 1 minute you might burn it. I'm surprised how soft and cake-y when I took it out.

And now, the decorations. There was this red package, add 1 cup of water and put it into the container. Let it set for a while. (I was impatient with this, which you shall see later on.)

The cream base was interesting. I just suck at it. Add this blue package, 2 cups of water stir and mix well. And once you are done, using the spoon given you want to spread it all over the mini cake. It's like the icing of the cake.

As for the decoration, you needed to open this pink package, add 1 cup of water stir and mix well. Once done, use the spoon and put it into this small bag given. You want to cut the tip of the bag and decorate your cake. I cut the hole a little too big, so the decoration and cream came out crappy. image

And last but not least, the colour balls. Hahahah.. image  Just throw them wherever you want.

And then ladies and gentlemen.. You are done!!!! This was how it turned out. Again, I suck at decorating a small miniature cake. And as you can see, I did not wait for the jelly to dry up and it looked like some sloppy stuff.

Now, eat it.

Really, eat it. It honestly tastes like a normal vanilla cake. It was quite yummy. But that much hassle to make a cake and gobble it up in 2 bites. Haha.