Nail Tutorial: Royale Blue Matte

I have been so busy with the moving that I had the darndest time to get my nails done. Finally, now with few days of break and the school holidays has begun.. I finally have time to blog about nail tutorials. :) 

Lately, I have been sooooo hooked on Matte nails. Tried looking around for inspiration for matte nail arts. And today.. This is what we are gonna do... Since I love the colour blue.. 

These are the tools that we are going to use. Base Coat, 3 colours, 1 black acrylic paint, some bling and the matte top coat. 

1. Base Coat
- I just got my gel nails removed 2 days ago, so it was important that I apply the base coat as a protection.

2. Base Colour
- I used a Royal Blue, Grey and a white. Just apply 2 layers on each nails. Depending on which nail you want to apply the colours on. You don't have to really follow the way I do it.

3. Studs / Bling
- Add on some small studs or some bling.

4. Matte Top Coat
- And your done! How easy!!

Simple nail art after not doing my own nails for the past 1 month. Lazy me, time to work hard and get the nails looking awesome every week again! Till the next tutorial.