DIY - Studded Jeans

I honestly hate rainy weathers.. I'm stuck indoors and always end up being crafty and doing loads of stuff somehow. (Not a bad thing, but I do love outdoors.) Anyways, the latest fashion trend lately is all things studded. Studs, studs and more studs. Google it! I'm sure you can find loads of inspirations! 

And this was what I did yesterday!! STUDDED JEANS! 

I had a plain pair of jeans that I wanted to style it up a notch. All you need is Studs, jeans, needles, threads and a pair of scissors. 

I bought my studs from Craft Heaven at 1 Utama. A bag of 8 small studs was about RM6.90. Pretty pricey honestly.. And I think I bought too little, so I might need to visit Craft Heaven again to get more.

Here's how it looks from the back. It's flat so when you sit on it or wear it, it won't hurt you.

The stud I chose was a pyramid shaped on top.

And this, was how I was going to sew the stud onto my jeans.

Here's my plain boring jeans. I planned to stud up the back pocket. (Knowing I have such a big a$$, I had a lot of work to do.. )

So I started sewing what I wanted. Before I did, I actually designed what I wanted first before I sew it on, to make sure I don't get it wrong. And that the design would look ok.

It is very simple honestly, all you have to do is just sew them on! And your done!! This was the design I came up with.

I wanted to stud the front part too. 

I had to model my gorgeous jeans too.. There.. What do you think??

I think I did a pretty darn good job!  Don't you? *proud moment*