Nail Tutorial: Chevron Nail Art

It is time.. Once again.. To get my nails done. This time, I wanted to try Chevron Nail Art, with a little Christmas spirit in it. 

So here are the easiest 4 steps to pull off this look. 

1. Base Coat
- VImportant! I will stress this every time when I blog a nail tutorial!! 

2. Base Color
- I decided on Red, White and something sparkly. Red because I want it to be reddish and Christmas-y and something sparkly add some sparkle. And white... to add attention to the chevron nail art.

3. Chevron
- Using a black acrylic paint, I started drawing some zig zag stripes.. Not perfect, but it's fine for me.

 4. Top Coat
- And ta-daaa.. You are done!

Off I go to have a busy and great weekend. Here's hoping you folks have a great weekend too!! *cheers*