Nail Tutorial: Snowbound

*Hooooorrraaaayyyyy* Christmas is coming!! And my trips begin tomorrow. I hardly am getting the proper time to do loads of things.. *sigh* The month of December is always my busiest.. image I had the whole morning to get my nails done for you folks, just in time before Christmas.. I hope.

1. Base Coat
- Need I stress how important a base coat is?? 

2. Base Color
- Paint on some base colour, I wanted something Nude. Knowing that I will be busy this whole week with the family trip coming up.. I needed something nude-ish. 

3. How To Draw Snowflakes
- It is very very easy to draw snowflakes, a cross and an x and you can design it the way you choose to. (FYI, I used a toothpick to draw my snowflakes)

a: A cross.

b: 'x' marks the spot.

 c. Lines.

4. Polka Dots
- Using the dotting tool, you want to dot on some spots. \

5. Draw More
- Continue drawing the rest of the fingers with all your snowflakes!

6. Glitter
- I love all things glittery and sparkly. So a layer of glitter can add some attention to it.

7. Top Coat
- Apply a layer of top coat and don't forget the tips too!!

And you are done!! 

I'll be away for a couple of days, so you won't be hearing from me anytime soon.. (Like as if I blog everyday!) image