Nail Tutorial: Tutti Fruity.

Today, this week.. I needed to rush. I've got a busy week ahead. I hardly had time to get my nails done proper, so I had to rush through everything. Even my nails.. image But, somehow I still wanted really nice nails. So I turned to my Polymer Clay decorations. Honestly, I have seen this nail art before and really wanted to redo. But never had the chance to.. Finally the proper timing to get this nail art. 

1. Base Coat
- The most important part before you paint any nail art. BASE COAT!! 

2. Half Tip / Half Nails.
- Using black nail polish, I painted half my nails. The line does not need to be perfect. It is ok if it is not straight.

3. Polka Dot
- Then, using a dotting tool and white acrylic paint you want to dot on some white spots. Again, you do not have to make sure it is perfect. Small dots are fine.

4. Fruit Decorations
- I got my polymer canes from SaSa for RM 16.90. So many different kind of sliced canes.

5. Top Coat
- You need a really good top coat. Once you applied the top coat let it dry for a bit and you are done!!

I got my nails done within 30 minutes! Let it dry for about 15 minutes and off I go!! imageTry this nail look if you are often rushing off but wanting your nails looking amazing!!