Sephora Make Up Academy Palette

I officially have the best husband in the whole wide world!!!!!!! *aaaaaaahhhhhhhh* 

I always get sooooooooo excited when Christmas is around the corner. ( Especially when Sephora was also around the corner.. *teehee* ) The fact that Sephora always has these amazing Christmas packages, or gifts it just amazes me. Makes my Christmas shopping sooooo much easier.. 

So anyways, while we were shopping at Sephora, I was caught dumbfounded with this amazing makeup academy palette from Sephora. 

1st of all, my dear blog readers. Keep in mind. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP ARTIST!! I will not tell you what to buy, so buy it in your own will. *peace* 

Back to the product. The whole packaging already just amazed me!! Just look at it!! The colours of course immediately took my attention off everything. 

At the side of the package, it was a rough introduction of what you were about to buy. 130 colours!! OHMYGAWD I'm in heaven!! 

Using this one palette, you can create soooooooooo many different looks. Not only all these looks, way more!! You gotta go check it out online.

 Again.... COLORS!!

Unveiling the box..

TADA!! The pyramid shaped palette.


So there you go... 130 colours. Sooooo beautiful!!

And the best part yet.. When you pull out the side drawers.. You have more!!

Now.... Just to let you lovely ladies know more.. This consists 1 eye primer, 18 cream eyeliners, 72 eyeshadows, 1 lip primer, 28 lip gloss, 3 concealers, and 7 blushes. Let me just say. This is everything you need to make that gorgeous face look extra gorgeous!!

If you want to know what gift to get for your mother, girlfriend, cousin sister, sister, grandma... Hahahahah.. GET THIS!! I highly recommend it. (FYI, this is NOT my christmas present from Le Hulk Hubster, but my very belated anniversary present.)