365. Day 28 & 29. Yoga & Rockstar.

I've not been well lately, the tummy is just killing me somehow. Don't know what the heck is wrong with me.. *ugh* I hate feeling like that. The whole of yesterday I just nursed myself by lying in bed and yoga. *ugh* Again, 1st half of this post was from 28th NOT today! 

Top: Kitschen
Tights: From Australia actually, not New Zealand. (My Bad)

I didn't bother to apply make up.. So it was naked face. Deal with it.

So then, Yoga. I did yoga for about 15 minutes and I had to stop. Short on breath and I think I was not doing it right.. Then again, maybe because I was really unwell.

Le Hulk Hubster was in Jakarta yesterday and it was my dear Ah Kon'g 77th birthday. (Would have been) and because I couldn't drink.. I asked him to drink on my behalf instead.. He ended up drinking 3 ok!! -.-''

And here, begins.. Today's post.

Started the day with meeting up with my dear wedding planner Lane today. The last I saw her, was on my wedding day. Hahahahhaah. It was so nice to catch up with her, we sat down and gossiped and talked about the past. Oh we went to Pickle & Fig at TTDI. Food there was excellent! And so was the coffee and hot chocolate.

Today was a casual day. Few more days till Chinese New Year and I'm already getting excited. Tomorrow Le Hulk Hubster and I are heading home. Back to my hometown. Finally, my first trip back to my hometown with Le Hulk Hubster for CNY.

Here's today's make. I'm starting to fall in love with my dark red wine lips.. Makes you look extra mysterious / rockstar??

Today's ootd was a simple and casual.

Top: From Koh Samui
Pants: From New Zealand
Bag: H&M
Watch: Guess

Fashion can be bought, style one must possess. - Unknown.