How To: Detox Drink.

Hello Everyone!! Today, before I blog about my OOTD later on. I decided to blog about this recent detox drink that I learnt online. 

Got inspired to make this drink from *here*. It is very easy to do.. here's how I did mine. 

1. Cucumber
- Cucumbers have Vitamin B in them. Cucumber also consists at least 95 percent water which is good for hydrating your whole body, and it also helps eliminate toxin from your body. It seems that cucumber can help prevent cancer too. Due to it's low calorie and high water content, cucumber is one of the best ingredient to help with weight loss. 

2. Lemon
- Lemon helps to clean your liver digestions. It contains citric acid, calcium, vitamin C which helps to prevent infections.

3. Ginger
- As a female, I have terrible menstrual cramps and ginger helps a lot. Also, ginger helps to get rid of bloating. If you ever feel bloated, add ginger into your drink. It helps to take away a lot of 'gas' in your tummy.

4. Lime
- They say, lime can help prevent you from ageing. Lime is also low in cholesterol and helps to prevent kidney stones.

5. Peppermint Leaves
- Peppermint leaves also help to prevent bloating in your tummy, peppermint also helps to prevent gastric. 

6. Applemint Leaves
- I added in apple mint leaves to give it a much more mintier taste in the drink. And it helps break down your fats and have anti cancer properties too!

Put them all inside a pot.

Add in some hot water.. AND YOU ARE DONE!!

And ready to be served.

Now just sit back and enjoy yourself with a nice warm cup of detox drink... Enjoying mine now.. *pure bliss*