Nail Tutorial: Grey Days

My first Nail Tutorial for the year 2014!  *weeeeeeeee*  photo i-113.gif  I promise to blog once a week, just as I try to blog about my ootd. image So for this week, I wanted to re polish a design I found online.. I instantly fell in love with this design. And it is very easy to do. 

1. Base Coat
- Very important! I will continue to stress you out with all this. 

2. Base Colors
- Dark Grey & White.

3. Pink Lines
- Using a dotting tool, you want to paint on a pink stripe.

4. Something sparkly.
- Using the same dotting tool and sparkle glittery nail polish and paint another layer of line.

5. DOTS!
- Now using the pink you want to dot on some dots..

6. Black
- Using the black paint, you want to paint on the bottom part and dot a lil bit of black dots here and there.

7. Sparkly Dots.
- Then using the last bit of sparkle you want to dot that on..

8. Top Coat
- Then you need to paint on a top coat to protect it and you are done!!

Something simple and subtle. And you are good to go!