Nail Tutorial: Ombre Crackle.

And because I was late to post my OOTD yesterday, to make up for it.. Here's a Nail Tutorial!! image

I saw this nail art on the internet a few days ago, and I wanted to remake the same thing. Since I had OPI's black crackle lying in the corner of my nail polish section.. Why not put it to good use right? 

1. Base Coat
- Very very important. 

2. Base Color
- To do an ombre nail polish you always want to start with the lightest shade of colour you have decided on. Wait 5 minutes and let it dry. 

3. Darker Shade.
- Using a make up sponge you want to just dab the top area, make sure you do not cover the bottom part. It will get messy and you will screw up the sides.. But don't worry. When you are done, give it time to dry. 

4. Darkest Shade.
- Lastly, to make the ombre a success you want to choose the darkest shade of the colour choice. I love the colour blue, so it wouldn't be a surprise I chose blue ombre.

5. Crackle
- Here I'm using OPI's Black Crackle. Allow the crackle to crack on it's own. You don't want to apply too much, so just 1 layer of this is enough to create this effect.

6. Top Coat
- Protect your design with a top coat, allow it to dry for 5 minutes. And lastly, clean up the sides with cotton buds and nail polish remover.

Here's the finish look. I was too lazy to pull out my SLR to get the shots done. Sorry... I need to make a habit so you guys can see clearer in future.

So, have fun with this!! Show me your designs too. Even if you try another colour, show it to me!!