OOTD: 365 - Day 13. Something Dressy For Monday.

Aaaahhhh.. Didn't have time to blog last night, was having too much fun with Melia. So had to immediately blog this morning. So looks like there will be 2 blogs today, or more! I will be posting a nail tutorial after this. 

Woke up yesterday feeling I should wear a dress.. Just for the fun of it. Also to chase away the monday blues I was having. Things are NOT falling into place, but I'm going to brush them aside.. And continue on.

I also chose to choose a light neutral colour so I don't get too crazy on a monday. My mood shows sometimes with the colours I choose to wear for the day. 

Because I have a HUGE butt, I lvd wearing dresses that are not the tight fitting ones, they are more of the flowy kind. The one that just hangs down and hides your butt. (I keep wanting to type a**e instead of butt. image ) 

Also, when you have a small waist, of course you want to emphasise on the waist line. So I paired the dress with a small skinny belt to show off my waist line. (Got the waist from my mama. image ) 

Dress: Kitschen
Bag: Dior
Shoes: Melissa's
Belt: Mirrorcle 

Today's Arm Candy is the usual stuff I would wear on my Left Hand. 

Watch: Tag Heuer 
Bracelet: Pandora
Rings: Wedding & Engagement Rings. 

On my right hand I normally find accessories that match the 'theme' of the outfit. This time, I matched it with the colour. 

Bangle: Diva (This actually came in a whole set, but I decided to just use 1 kind)
Ring: Pandora. 

And now, the very vain shots of myself. Just to show you today's make up. Because I chose a pale colour today, I didn't want to paint my whole face and only to add attention to my lips. So I opted for no liner, just eye shadows blusher and a Red Violet lipstick to make my lips stand out more. Oh and a heck load of mascara to show off my lashes.. FYI! Those are MY lashes, I don't wear falsies!!

Today's #marriedtohulk cartoon. I have been with Le Hulk Hubster for 10 years, and till today. He cannot spell my name right. Especially my Chinese name.. image 10 Years and he still could not get it right!! You have GOT TO BE kidding me..

Last Night, I decided to clean out my wardrobe and only keep the clothes that I wear.. As you can see here, I took up most of the space in the wardrobe.. Le Hulk Hubster had to go get himself another cabinet to keep all his clothes in. 

I think I need to rearrange my bottom pile of clothes again, this time colour coordination following my dresses and blouses. image 

Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong.
— Adriana Lima