OOTD: 365 - Day 14. I love Jumpsuits.

Knowing that I will be busy today, I decided to quickly type my blog out and later schedule it in. Hahaha.. 3 blogs today.. I really don't like missing out on this 365 blog posts la... I hate making up for it honestly. 

Today, I don't know why but I woke up feeling extra 'powerful'. It's the kind of feeling where you had enough sleep, you wake up feeling extra confident, like as if there is a purpose for you to go out and look mighty. I dunno if it's only me, but yeah.. Whenever I feel like that, it's dress up time. 

So this was what I wore today. I love the prints on this jumpsuit.. and it has a stretchy material so I love it even more. Haha. I actually could not fit into any jumpsuit, and they all made me look fat. But somehow.. With this one, it fit pretty well and I looked great in it, I guess some certain jumpsuits I can wear. Some I can't. The other shocking thing was that I found this in a flea market and.. I never got to try out if it fits.. BUT IT DID!! Meant to be!! 

Jumpsuit: Flea Market in Singapore. 
Bag: H&M

My make up today was very minimal.... it was just black eyeliner, red lipstick and mascara. I love red lipstick. It makes you feel somehow.. Sexier? Would that be the right way to explain how I feel? Hmmmm..... Yeah... Sexier. 

Today's accessories was fun.. 

Bracelets: Louvisa & H&M
Ring: Pandora.

Watch: Bell & Ross
Bracelet: Pandora
Ring: Wedding & Engagement. 

Earrings: A Gift from Pheona. 
Necklace: Mirrorcle

Just to add on a lil bit of edge.. Then again, just to show you another vain shot of me.. Ha ha ha.. I wore my Ray Bans. Of course NOT indoors la.. I'm not that arrogant. 

Here's today's #marriedtohulk cartoon. I hate it when Le Hulk Hubster starts playing his game, he can't stop.. And he continues a couple more rounds.. It gets very frustrating.. And I have to starve and ruin my shoe diet.. *ugh*

Today I was having a good hair day, so of course I took more pictures of myself.. vain shots. Deal with it! ;p 

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.
— Gianni Versace