OOTD: 365 - Day 16. Johnny Rocket.

*phew* Just got home and straight onto the blog.. 

Today, the highlight of the day was having at lunch at Johnny Rocket at the Curve. Well, this place has been open for a while now, and every time Le Hulk Hubster and I wanna eat there it was packed and there was no seats available. So today was MY lucky day!! And I LOVE THE PLACE!! 

First of all, I love the whole concept of it. The whole 'Grease Lightning' theme. But they should start looking into girls serving burger on roller skates!! And the minute we walked in, they were all soooooo friendly everybody who was working said Hi to us sooooo loudly! Kinda make you feel extra special. 

The old school root beer float. I'm just glad this is one of the restaurants that do not serve root beer floats with cheap vanilla ice cream.

And here's the premium chocolate shake. And if they made too much and there are left overs they serve it to you in the other cup.

And then came lunch!! LOOK AT IT! I could not finish it at all!! I wanted to try the onion rings, and it was delicious!!

This was with Sweet Potato Fries!! *slurp* Delicious!!

Here's a picture of the burger close up!! *slurp* JUST LOOK AT THAT BIG BURGER!! It was soooooo delicious!!

And the lovely golden crisp onion rings.

The servers made an effort to draw smiley faces on our tomato saucer.

Then came the best part... The staff would dance to entertain us!! How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!

So Chinese New Year is around the corner, and I wanted to decorate the house. (I am half Chinese anyways!) But, I didn't want to spend too much at all. So it was time for some DIY.

Went to Tesco and found this lovely bunch of cherry blossoms. I love cherry blossoms!!!!  They were selling it for RM1.88 per bunch! So I bought 2.

Using the fishing wire I put them all together.  Making sure everything holds itself into place. And you are done!!!! How simple and easy right??!!

And just hang it onto your door. Ok, I'm ready for CNY now. And all my neighbours will now know I am half Chinese. Haha. FYI. I only spent RM3.76 for this whole thing!! Best money spent!!!!!

Ok, so for today's OOTD. Since I blogged too much about today already.

Here's what I wore today, and sadly with the bloody ankle protection thingy.. Brain not functioning. 

Top: Kitschen
Tights: Topshop
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: G Shock

Today's selfie. No fuss make up. Just my red lips. Cause I love em red. 

You can never be overdressed or overeducated. - Oscar Wilde