OOTD: 365 - Day 19 & 20. Punjabi Wife & Gardener Wannabe.

Yes, I know yet another day I missed out on my blog for a day.. Forgive me.. It was prayers day yesterday and I had to 'do my duties' as a wife. Hahahaha. Kidding. 

I didn't take loads of picture because I was really caught up with the prayers yesterday. Here's the OOTD from yesterday. 

Suit: From my mom in law.
Bag: Furla
Accessories: Poh Kong.
Watch: GUESS.

So here's a pic of the cousin in law doing his duties.

And here's a very very rare picture of Le Hulk Hubster preparing Jay's house for the prayers.. He hardly does the house work lately, so this is definitely one of a kind and rare moment. Haha.

And now for today's ootd. *yawn* I have been running up and down like a mad person today. Going crazy.

This is today's OOTD.

Dress: Kitschen
Cardigen: Nichii
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: Tag Heuer
Bracelet: Pandora
Earrings: Bijoux Jewelry
Sandals: Clarks.

I really love this dress a lot because I can pull off 3 different kind of looks with this 1 dress. There was one more look but I lazy to take picture lo..

Today, I was being very creative and adventurous.. Wanted to try my hands on gardening today.. And since I have a small balcony I wanted to turn it into a relaxing balcony where I can relax, have a cup of tea and read a book and enjoy the view too. So wish me luck on my new hobby.

Also, I decided to be creative today. Lately, the creative DIY big have been biting me majorly.. So I decided to get creative and DIY my own clock.

Here's the outcome.. What do you guys think??!! 

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak - Rachel Zoe.