OOTD: 365 - Day 3. Healthy Living.

Time passes by so fast, in a blink of an eye it is already the 3rd day of the new years.. How has it been for all of you so far? It's been going great for me lately, with Bijoux keeping me busy.. And another big move. *sigh* 

When it comes to styling and dressing up yourself, you want to be different, be daring, be bold. And mostly, be you.. image

Today's look was something fun. Something I never thought I was able to pull off. Daring colours and daring prints.. Hah! Who knew, I just ended up having a pretty awesome and fun time in this look. image

Dress: Button Up 
Shoes: DIY 
Bag: Coach

Because I was wearing something bold and colourful, I decided to keep my make up light and natural. Even the accessories!

Earrings: TOMEI
Necklace: TOMEI

Because my prints were too loud and bold, I decided to keep the hand accessories light and easy too.

Bracelet: DIVA
Ring: Pandora

Watch: Bell & Ross
Bracelet: Pandora
Ring: My Wedding & Engagement Ring.

Thank goodness I had an orangey bag to match the look! With daring prints and loud colours you really want to go with bags that are neutral or common colours so you don't take the attention away from the dress.

Bag: Coach.

This was an old pair of flats that I recycled and turned them into my favourite pair of flats... Very easy to do. I shall blog about how I did this in future.

So with the New Year one of my resolutions was to live a healthier lifestyle, no more fast-food, healthier meals and no more alcohol. image

So for lunch today, I had Turkey Sandwhich.

And downed 2 big bottles of lemon water. Did you know.. Adding lemon in your water helps with your weight loss. Why.. Because.. Lemons are the natural energiser, it hydrate and oxygenates the body so it feels revitalised and refreshed!

 And for dinner, (which I just finished cooking and blogging straight) I made Pan Fried Pork with Melon Salsa's and a HUGE BIG BOWL of salad. (Another New Years resolution was to eat more fruits and vege.)

So here's to healthy living! *Bah!* image

Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the women who is wearing it. - Yves Saint Laurent