OOTD: 365 - Day 6. Tribal Monday.

Today, I had a full day. *yawn* And I am really exhausted from everything that happened today.. BUT, no matter how tired I am.. I need to blog. Because I promised. image

Today I wanted something dressy but casual at the same time. Because I had to meet people, I needed something that was not too dressy. So this became my ootd.

Top: Button Up
Skirt: H & M
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: Bell & Ross
Bracelet: Pandora

I have a big bottom.. And I hate how some skirts make me look fat and huge, but wearing a high waisted skirt allows me to hide my big butt and emphasises on my tiny waist too. Well not really that tiny.. But at least able to create an hour glass look. Hah!

For my make I wanted something light and easy. I love that this whole year I get to practise my selfies. HAHAHA.. TO THE YEAR OF SELFIES! Call me Vain for all I care..

Oh and because my maid cleaned my house, I didn't want to dirty my house so I didn't wear my shoes in the full shot. So here were the pair of shoes I paired em with. My most loved wedges from Charles & Keith. 

Girls DO NOT dress for boys. They dress for themselves and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they'd just walk around naked all the time. - Betsey Johnson.