365. Day 37. Rock On!!

I have decided, that my blog should always be a day late. I should blog about yesterday.. Because too many things happen at night. Hahahahah. Yes, I know a lot of you keep telling me to schedule my blog.. But where's the fun in that right? 

Yesterday was a hectic day. I got all dressed up cause a friend called for help. So I was at first in a skirt. My idiotic friend of mine forgot to tell me, he came on a bike.. -.-'' I had to go up and change into something comfy where I can 'kangkang' (open up) my legs. FML!! This wan call friend!! 

This was what I came up with.. Within 5 minutes ok! 

Top: Jerry Pulcine
Tights: Girls Xpress (New Zealand) 
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Bag: H&M
Necklace: DIVA
Watch: G Shock

 For my #motd or the #lotd I wanted something light yet bold. So bold lipstick it was with simple eye make up. No eye shadows.. Just liner..

Oh FYI, my dear readers... I have a dayre. This app called Dayre. Find me at dayre.me/clarechiara I blog there more.. Then again.. I talk too much there.. Hehehe.