365. Day 38. Feeling Crafty.

What a day it has been yesterday.. *phew* A full day of walking up and down trying to get my dreams of a garden balcony sorted before I leave. *ugh* Again, so much to do but sooooo little time.. *grumblefumblewumbles* 

So today, I had to dress is something casual.. easy to move around but dressy too.

Top: Kitschen
Skirt: Hugo Boss / Boss Orange
Bag: Coach
Watch: Tag Heuer 
Shoes: Charles & Keith 

 Make for today was something girlie and I had to braid my sides of the hair because my hair is just going wild today.

Spent the whole day with my bestie Kim today. Found out her hidden talent.. Can you guess.. ?? Hair wraps!!!!! Can you believe it?! Here's her getting my hair done.

And here's the finished product!!!! *Taaddaaa* Nice right? Le aunt got this done too.. Long time ago when this used to be hip. *dang I feel old for saying this.*

Oh and today's DIY project for the home... Since, lately my newest hobby is gardening.. I wanted to fix up my balcony to make it extra homey.. So this was what I was up too.. It's still not complete yet, but I am too excited to share my DIY right now...

So my balcony is a little weird shaped.. Its not straight either.. BUT I really can't wait for you all to see the finished project!! For now this is as far as it goes.. Again.. For now.

Oh and the best part of fixing my own place, I get it the way i want it.. And I get my besties to help me sort it out..

Thanks Kimmie!!!! So nice of u to come help me with stuff after your work. xoxo.