365. Day 44. After a week.

1 week later, and here I am blog. I missed you. Forgive me for being away, was unwell and forced to be on bed rest. Anyways, less of that. I'M BACK! That's what matters now.. Right? 

I have not dressed myself up lately.. Finally got the chance to, get to go out already!! Haha..

I am so insanely in love with this long dress.. It actually has a slit at the side that allows me to show off my tattoo on my calves. 

Dress: Kutschen
Belt: Marks & Spencers
Bag: Furla

After taking this picture then only I realised I did not accessorise myself. -.-'' 

 Here's the make up and look. Loved my hairstyle tho.. Monica taught me well. Hah!

And because I forgot to take a full shot of myself with the accessorise, I decided to take a close up of what I wore instead.. So I got myself these awesome accessories aren't they lovely??!!

Decided to add a little bit more attention on my nails. So accessorised them too. Nice huh? Oh and tell me what do you think about my Valentine's Day nail art??