365. Day 45. Valentines Day & Chap Goh Meh.

Happy Valentines Day & Chap Goh Meh! (Last day of Chinese New Year) To those who didn't get any Ang Pow (Red Packet) from me and Le Hulk Hubster, better luck next year!! Hahahaha.. 

How lucky are we to celebrate to kind of 'love' festival. Well to be honest, Le Hulk Hubster and I didn't do anything special.. We kinda find it a little too cheesy.. But this was my gift to Le Hulk Hubster.. A drawing from #marriedtohulk 

So I found this perfect outfit to go with the whole Valentines Day feel.. 

Dress: Kutschen
Bag: Michael Kors

SOOOOO BLUE!!! Like Cookie Monster!! 

Make up of the day was all light and easy too, except I added the attention to my lips. Didn't bother to fix my hair.. Was a lil lazy too.

Started dressing up my arm candy lately again..

Watch: G Shock
Bracelets: Pandora / Bijoux Jewelry
Rings: H&M / Wedding & Engagement Ring.

Bracelets: Bijoux Jewelry and my grandma's old bracelet.
Ring: Pandora / H&M

And because it was Chap Goh Meh, we celebrated together with the fam bam..

This is my cousin Joel, he is 21 years old. You see that teddy bear of his? He never leaves home without that bear. He has had that bear ever since he was 18months old!! He is currently studying in Hobart, Tasmania. And this bear gets to travel with him everywhere!!

And here's my littlest cousin sister. She's gonna grow up to be an awesome singer!! One day.