365. Day 46. Too Beautiful For Earth.

Such a beautiful statement, and using that statement in mind.. I got myself tattoo number 7. This tattoo means a lot to me, actually most of my tattoo's on my body means the world to me. Last week, I lost unborn number 2. 

I know a lot of you would say things like "You didn't even know the sex" or "It was still a fetus!" I know I can't relate to those moms who lost their 7 month unborn, that pain would have been worst.. But it's still a living thing. A part of me, was there. I believe that God loved our unborns more.. He made them so perfect, so beautiful that he wanted to keep them in heaven. And at the same time, God has something better planned for us. Something better yet to come. 

So I messaged my tattoo artist friend Julian from Redd Bullets. He is one of the best there is here in Malaysia!! I told Julian the whole story behind the tattoo. And this was what he came up with. Decided on Magenta and Blue lil circles that represent the unknown sex. I am insanely in love with this tattoo!! Insanely in love!! This will be a memory, but at the same time.. This will also be something to look forward too.. Something beautiful is about to happen soon.

So now, back to #ootd for the day.

Wanted a simple dress because it was 'hang out with godpa' night. Godpa came for a tournament, so finally had time to catch up with him..

Dress: Kitschen.
Bag: Michael Kors.

Here's the accessories for the day.

Watch: Tag Heuer.
Rings: Wedding / Engagement & Pandora
Bracelets: Pandora & Bijoux Jewelry.

Make up was something simple.. again.. Loving how long my lashes are getting. Here's a tip. Apply vaseline every night before you sleep. It actually DOES HELP!! Vain-ness in me didn't really approve this picture.. But.. No choice, lazy to take too many selfies.

Time came to go meet the man of the hour. My dear dear godpa.. He has been like a father figure to me ever since I was growing up. He has been there for me whenever I'm down and upset. So much love for this man here.. My dear Godpa.

I finally got to meet up with my dear jie jie, Nadia. I've not hung out with her for the longest time.. It was good to be able to hang out with her once again.. Hoping to see more of her soon.

And of course, the night with Le Hulk Hubster spent with all the loved ones. Epic. Oh there was this drunkard women in the skimpiest shortest dress dancing on table tops and showing of her g string who got too 'close for comfort' with Le Hulk Hubster.. To that women, it's ok.. just heal that painful hang over of yours.. You made my Hubster the happiest person ever. Thank you.

*sigh* My Hubster still got market.. Die.