365. Day 48. Bulldog Please??

Monday blues begin.. *sigh* I'm still on confinement food tho. *grumblefumblewumbles* And everybody around me are tempting me with food... *grumblewumblefumbles* 

Before I begin my #ootd I'm hoping my dear readers can help me out here. Le Hulk Hubster and I are looking for an English bulldog or a French bulldog to be part of our family. Tyson still exists but ever since he was with my father in law.. My father in law fell in love with him. And we feel guilty to take away Tyson from him.. So Tyson now belongs to my in laws. And yes, now.. we would want to get a new dog to join in our family. 

Back to the #ootd. 

So here's the look for today.. 

Top: Kistchen
Cardigan: Mirrorcle. 
Pants: Jay Jay's (New Zealand)
Bag: Michael Kors
Shoes: Timberland 

Accessories to match the look.

Watch: Tag Heuer
Bracelets: Pandora / Bijoux Jewelry
Earrings: Bijoux Jewelry
Ring: Pandora / Wedding & Engagment / Bijoux Jewelry

#Selfie for today. Plain and simple. Deal with the vain-ness in me. 

You're never fully dressed without a smile. - Unknown.