365. Day 49. Malaysian Weather is Killing Me.

*ugh* It's too hot in Malaysia!! The weather is just insane!! Why won't it rain? Funny thing about us humans, when it is too hot we complain, when it is raining we complain.. Thank goodness it doesn't snow in Malaysia.. Or we'd be complaining too!! I do miss snow.. *sigh*

Anyways, it was casual 'go do my facial' day.. Before I left the house I gave Iggy her weekly bath. I kinda bathe her 3 times a week lately due to the hot weather. Yeah, she is cold blooded but even a cold blooded creature needs to cool down in this heat!!  

Here's my baby after her shower. Peeking from underneath her towel. "Leave me inside Human!!"

Here's Iggy showing off her sexy back. This is not taken from the tip of her tail!! Iggy and I have come a long way. We've been together for a long time.. And I honestly am so thankful to have her in my life. So much love for her..

Ok, so back to the #ootd. Today was really casual day, didn't see a purpose in dressing up today because it was just getting my facial done.

Top: Nichii
Tights: Nichii
Shoes: Burkenstocks 
Bag: Michael Kors

 Accessories for the day.

Bangles: Bijoux Jewelry 
Watch: Guess
Rings: Wedding / Engagement
Necklace: Custom made from Bijoux Jewelry

Here's my vain shot without make up. Again.. Facial day no point for make up. And of course, it feels great to not apply make up once in a while. This should be my everyday look!!! 

Beneath the make up and behind that smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world. Marilyn Monroe.