365. Day 50. Recycling Some Wedding Stuff.

OMG!! I am soooooo sorry, I totally forgot to take my ootd yesterday!! WHY?!!!???!!! I can't believe I only took my accessories!! WTF!! 

So let's play a guessing game. Can you guess how was I dressed yesterday? Hah! 

Finally got to head to Bijoux Jewelry Headquarters yesterday. After soooo many weeks of not being there. My crafters are currently lazy. -.-'' Everybody still in holiday mood??!! HOI WORK LA! 

Anyways, I found my chalkboard yesterday. The ones I used for my wedding. I wanted a different wedding entrance. I had 2 page boys (Le Hulk Hubster's nephews) and a ring bearer. (my baby brother) So I wanted the page boys to hold a funny sign. Which eventually the idea worked well, everybody was laughing in church. 

The oldest nephew had a sign that says 'Cha Cha (Uncle) quick run while you can!!' and the other cheeky nephew who walked sooooooo fast held the sign that says.. 'Too late, here comes the bride.' I thought I would never use the boards again.. But being at Bijoux I decided to reuse the boards as door signs. 

So I took one home and this is my new door sign.

Le Hulk hubster says we have more beers than wine. So to change that.

I kept the other board on my office door at Bijoux Headquarters. I love what it says.. now to find more interesting elements to hang at the door with the signage to make it look better.

She who leaves a trail of glitter is not ever forgotten. - Unknown.