365. Day 51. Organising Plastic Bags??

Yesterday.. I felt fat.. Then again I gained weight recently.. I swear once the tattoo heals and the whole 'panting' is over.. I'm heading to the pool EVERYDAY!! So I was feeling extra blue yesterday. Thus the whole blue-ness outfit. 

Dress: Kitschen
Bag: Michael Kors

Very obvious my favourite colour is blue right?!

Very light make up yesterday too. No reason to get all dressy.

Accessories were all blue too!! Haha.

Watch: G Shock
Bracelets: Bijoux Jewelry
Earrings: Bijoux Jewelry
Rings: Wedding / Engagement.

Ok. So yesterday I was busy organising some stuff in the house.. I hate when my house is full of plastic bags. I'm not sure if many of you recycle the plastic bags and use the as rubbish bags instead.. I do that. So whenever I come back from groceries I have a cabinet FULL of plastic bags.. -.-''

It makes my whole cabinet look soooooo messed up. And I hate mess!!

So here's a little trick I learnt from my helper. Yes, many of you out there will know how to do this.. Call me lame but I never knew this ok. So for those out there like me.. I'm so nice.. I'm gonna teach you how to organise plastic bags. LOLOLOLOLOL!!

 1. Open up your bag this way.

2. Fold it into half.

3. And another half.

4. Then from the bottom you want to fold it upwards into a triangle shape.

5. Continue folding upwards.

6. Once you are done at the end.. You will have a little bit more hanging out like this.

7. Take the tip and tuck it into the pocket. And you are done!!

See soooo much neater instead of them dangling out.. so ugly.. Now to hang this plastic bag holder in the cabinet... 

If you want grown ups to recycle, just tell their kids the importance of recycling, and they'll be all over it. - Bill Nye