DIY: Comic Shoes!

Oh boy do I have a fun and interesting DIY for you folks today!! I did this to my old pair of flats about 3 years ago.. Can't believe it's time to revamp it. AGAIN! The last time when I did this I had no tutorials and didn't bother to blog about it.. Well, now.. I shall share what I know. :) And I hope to see loads more of these kinda DIY shoes out there. 

So here's how to make these awesome pair of.. Comic Flats! 

How many of you out there are hardcore Archie fans? I'm at my late 20's and here I am still collecting all the Archie comic books out there. The problem with collecting them all.. Not know what to do with them after. So to show my love for Archie comic.. why not wear them? 

To order a custom made Archie shoes are going to cost me a bomb.... So.... Why not DIY right? This DIY is the easiest!! I swear!! 

1. Take a pair of your old flats. (These are my old fugly flats) I still can wear them, just that they do not look that nice.. 

2. Dig out all your old comic books. It can be any kind that you like. Even newspapers or magazines!

3. Cut out your favourite section. It's easier to apply when they are smaller pieces.

4. Mod Podge!! The champion!! You really need this!! Trust me!!

All you need to do is to apply a layer of mod lodge then apply the comic strip and once you are done apply another layer of mod lodge. Leave it out to dry for about 15 minutes, bring it in and apply another thick layer and leave it out to dry.


Easy peasy right?? Look at my flats!! Now no one else has the same pair of flats as I do! Be creative let's see what else we can do!!