DIY: Cork board Clock.

Oh gosh, I have missed out soooo many days of blogging. Almost a week. I'm really sooooo sorry, busy fixing the house making sure it looks prettier. I have neglected my blog too often. But again, if you all need to know what I'm going through daily.. Go see my Dayre

So today, I won't be posting any ootd. However I'm going to post a DIY!! Since we are 'renovating' and installing new furnitures I decided, I needed a new clock. And I know clocks are cheap and all, but call me cheap la.. I wanted to DIY. I wanted my own custom made one.. 

Here are the tools which you need. 

All you need to do is just to drill a hole in the middle of the cork board. 

And then just put in the handles of the clock. So simple!

Hang your clock on the wall and you are done!! You can actually decorate your clock, make it lacey or colours. But I painted the hands of my clock and I wanted it to look rugged and simple. So this is the end look. So easy right?! Try it.. You can even decorate the clock with pictures and  loads more! Be creative have fun!!