Nail Tutorial: Bling Up

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!! Once again, I have failed my 365 days of blog posts.. *sigh* Forgive me.. festive seasons always makes me the busiest, worst of all also.. I'm still unwell. honestly, don't know what the heck is going on with me..

Anyways, I notice it has been a long time I have not posted any nail tutorial. So today it is.. Need to get back to blogging. 

Decided to do something simple this week. But also needed to add some extra bling.. and attention to my nails. Biggest mistake I made was to cut off my long gorgeous nails.. Now that they are all short it's extra hard to do a nail art. So bling it up with Rhinestones... 

1. Base Coat
- Always mentioned how important it was. 

2. Base Color
- I chose a nudish nail colour because I wanted to add extra attention to my rhinestones. 

3. Bling it up.
- It's very easy!! Just start blinging  your nails up.. Until you are satisfied.

4. Top Coat
- Apply top coat to protect your bling.

Oh and one trick I learnt online.. Wipe on vinegar to your nails to make your nail polish last longer! It's my first time trying this.. So till the next nail tutorial.. Let me update and see if it really worked.