Blog Updates: Day 59, 60 & 61

*Sigh* I really suck at blogging 365 don't I? Sorry la.. It's been a busy week for me. Didn't even have me time.. 

So let's begin with Day 59 shall we? Twas a busy day for me.. Running up and down, in and out. Worst, I had to prepare a dish for family night.. So let's cut to that shall we? First time, I made Pai Kuat!! And I nailed it ok!! Just look at how yummy it is!! 

Even the littlest cousin sister says it's the best dishes she ever ate!!

Because I was doing loads of running around.. I decided it was going to be casual Friday dress code. So long jeans it was with a simple tee..

Top: Harley Davidson Tee (New Zealand) 
Pants: From New Zealand
Shoes: Custom made my yours truly. *wink* 
Bag: Michael Kors. 

So as many of you know by now. I have to start wearing glasses once again. Yes it has power and it's not only the frames hokay!!

Now, Day 60. Waliao wei.. Day 60 really killed me! 1st I managed to do my nails. After many weeks of not being able to. Decided on something so sweet that reminded me of candies and tribal artwork just on 1 finger to get the attention.

Had a double date dinner with Le Childhood Bestie, her other half and Le Hulk Hubster. We had major Japanese BBQ! And the picture does not even do justice to it!!

After dinner, I rushed off to meet up with my ex dance members.. Gosh I missed each and everyone of them.. Sad part, I forgot to take a picture. *Forgetful me*

Now. Lastly, Day 61.

I call Day 61. Wear something on your head day. On my head actually. Was in the temple from 10 am till about 1. (I think) 

So that's about all the updates I have for now.. I have a sponsored blog coming up soon!! Need to get that sorted fast by tomorrow!! (Motivating myself)